Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Adventure Campaigns Updates and New Perks, The Madness Continues!

Got about two weeks left. Still lots of work to do.

Time for more incentives!

Two new perks on Dave Brockie's adventure Towers Two:
$50 gets you the Adventure + Extras plus a GWAR shirt and poster both signed by Oderus Urungus!
$75 gets you all that plus 2 ticketsto a GWAR show, and a chance to meet Dave Brockie and get your picture taken with him.(transport to the show of course not included, not valid for festival appearances)

That $75 perk is nuts. Grab it.

Two new perks on Aeron Alfrey's adventure Escaping Leviathan:
$40 gets you the Adventure + Extras plus 5 A4-sized prints of some of Alfrey's previous work with LotFP. See below for the pieces.
$75 gets you that plus an A1 size poster (594 × 841mm) which will function both as both an art piece and a map of the interior of the Leviathan.

Jennifer Steen has been helping out with the campaigns by interviewing ALL THE DAMN PEOPLE it seems, about their non-LotFP projects and gaming life as well as their LotFP adventures. She's got her own adventure up for grabs, The Depths of Paranoia

Here are the interviews she's done so far (more to come most days of the week until we're done!):

Vincent Baker
Johnathan Bingham
Kevin Crawford
Kelvin Green
Richard Pett
Mike Pohjola
Jeff Sparks
Ville Vuorela
.. and me!

But Jenn's also Kickstarting her own game, Ninja Panda Taco. Three days left, 85% funded... go get it done!

Kelvin Green has made a bombshell announcement about his adventure Horror Among Thieves:
"Whether or not this campaign makes its goal, anyone who contributes at least $10 will get a pdf of the adventure; if the campaign is a success, the full weight of the Lamentations of the Flame Princess design and layout team will be thrown behind it and you’ll get the fancy pants edition detailed on the campaign page. If not, then I’ll be putting it together myself and it won’t look half as good, but you will get the full text and all the art, all the content just as if the goal had been reached. That’s my small way of showing my thanks to you for showing your support."

Vincent Baker has posted four videos answering questions about his adventure The Seclusium of Orphone:

Anna Kreider has made a long post here about her adventure We Who Are Lost.

Jeff Rients' adventure Broodmother Sky Fortress continues to be the superstar of the campaigns. Did you see the video he made talking about it?

More news soon I hope...

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