Thursday, July 12, 2012

General Purpose Update (Of Special Interest to Brazilian Readers!)

I was interviewed by Marcelo Dior about LotFP and all the craziness I'm involved with. Listen to that here. That interview includes a from-Brazil-orders-only coupon code for 25% off on any LotFP order through July.

I've contributed four monsters and a short essay to the This Just In From GenCon crowdfunding effort to raise money for new equipment for their GenCon coverage. Check that out here.

The Monolith from beyond Space and Time has gone to the printer.

Crossing fingers but I am working to have an 8-12 page short-run adventure ready for Ropecon. Planning to print 225 copies and that's it.

The LotFP big July adventures thing keeps chugging along. Jennisodes has so far released interviews with Richard Pett, Ville Vuorela, Vincent Baker, Johnathan Bingham, and Kevin Crawford, with more to come. (oh yeah, and with meeeeee)

Interesting that there has been a huge surge in Gardening Society Memberships that can only be connected to the campaign, but they haven't all then put money down. It seems a lot of people are taking a "wait and see" attitude. As long as you don't wait too long...

I'm participating in the Indie+ online convention, specifically in the Social Responsibilities of the Self-Publisher panel at 7pm Eastern time Friday/tomorrow (that's a change from the original 10pm time). Emily Vitori and Christopher Helton are also on the panel and it will be hosted by Chris Tregenza.

(Alex Mayo will be running Death Frost Doom during that convention as well. 9pm Eastern on Friday/tomorrow. Sign up here!)

More news soon...


  1. Ack - I had to drop out of the Indie+ con. I have a nasty cold and am talking like Barry White with a head cold at the moment. As amusing as it would be to do Zeke as Barry White, it would probably kill me ;)

  2. ...course, that means I can now listen in on your panel, James!