Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Campaigns End on the 31st

LotFP's insane Grand Adventure Campaign is in its home stretch. There's a long way to go to get the adventures are funded, but there's still plenty of time if you're willing to get on board.

First, what the whole thing is about:
  • 19 adventures by 19 different authors all up for crowdfunding in separate campaigns at the same time.
  • Each adventure will be 32 or 48 pages, depending on the length of the adventure submitted by the writers and layout needs of the adventure.
  • The adventures are for the LotFP Weird Fantasy RPG, but as LotFP is a second-generation "retro clone," the adventures will be easily compatible with all the other retro clones and the original games they are based on. Fans have also told me, to my amazement because this was never intended, that they have used LotFP adventures with games like D&D 3.5, 4e, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu/Runequest/Stormbringer and other BRP games, Warhammer Fantasy RPG 1+2e, the Warhammer 40K RPGs, Rolemaster, Shadow of Yesterday, and probably more I'm forgetting. YOU CAN USE THESE ADVENTURES!

The point of doing 19 adventures at once was to offer discounts for getting multiple adventure bundles. Those are still an option for those of you feeling confident or generous, but forget about that right now. Just look at individual adventures, and what the lower contribution levels get you for each adventure should they fund:
  • $10 gets you the adventure on PDF. Layered, bookmarked, linked, the whole shebang.
  • $20 gets you the print version of the adventure shipped first class from Finland, plus the PDF.
  • $30 gets you the print version of the adventure shipped first class from Finland, plus the PDF, plus an exclusive print + PDF sandbox setting by Rob Conley (Majestic Wilderlands, Points of Light 1 & 2, etc.) that will not be available in any format anywhere except as a bonus item in these campaigns. You also get a bonus "What I Would Do With This Adventure in My Campaign" sheet by James Edward Raggi IV.

Even if any particular adventure had $0 pledged on it (and all have a lot more than that), it would only take 200 people to get an adventure funded at the $30 level. Me, I think for example Monte Cook has 200 fans that could gain enjoyment and game value out of his adventure and the bonus sandbox that comes along with it. The same holds true for each and every author. We have plenty of time to get this done. (As I write this Cook still needs 167 at this level to fund. Jeff Rients needs 21.)

So why should *you* participate in this?
  • You are putting money into the creator's hands. Over 50% of each adventure's $6000 goal goes directly to the writer and the artist. Plus money to the editor. And the layout/graphic designer. LotFP won't make a dime until after these are printed and put into general sale for all the non-diehards who didn't jump on the campaigns.
  • Each author gets "final cut" on the adventure. You're getting what Jeff Rients wants to do. What Kelvin Green wants to do. What Anna Kreider wants to do. LotFP will provide editorial input but the writer has final say, and sets the tone for the artwork.
  • You are getting old-school oriented stuff into stores and the public consciousness. LotFP now goes through Impressions to reach distribution, the same company that Goodman Games, Pelgrane Press, Troll Lord Games, Goblinoid Games, and more uses to reach retail. The $6000 goal includes a large enough print run to go into distribution, so supporting these campaigns means we can get names like Jeff Rients, Michael Curtis, Kevin Crawford, etc on (more) shelves and taking up gamer headspace and making sure the Old School way is right in peoples' faces.
  • You can get names like Vincent Baker, Monte Cook, Richard Pett, and Mike Pohjola, not known for their traditional publishing credits, to not only apply their creativity to our games, but also show them there's interest and money here. We can show them it is in their interest to be more interested in making cool things for us.

Some of the adventures have extra perk options:
  • Kelvin Green's Horror Among Thieves has a special deal going... we're publishing the adventure whether or not it funds. If it doesn't fund, everyone who contributed automatically gets their money back at the end of the campaign but when it's ready we'll send you the adventure for FREE anyway.
  • Dave Brockie (aka Oderus Urungus of GWAR)'s Towers Two has a T-shirt+poster deal at the $50 level and that plus GWAR concert tickets at the $75 level.
  • Aeron Alfrey has art prints available at the $40 level and that and a poster at the $75 level.
  • Jennifer Steen is fresh off her successful Project Ninja Panda Taco kickstarter, and the $30 level for her Depths of Paranoia adventure also includes a mini Princess Ninja Panda Taco

The full adventure list is here.

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