Monday, July 30, 2012

That's Two.. 48 Hours Left... the next THREE!

Over $2000 in less than 12 hours... you guys rock.  ROCK, I say.

I have to say that out of all the pitches I got in the beginning, it was Baker's that excited me the most and it's his that I most wanted to see funded. So I'm very HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY that you guys made it happen. w00000000t! (Baker's extended his offer to everyone who contributed to his campaign regardless of when, by the way. I'll email everyone after the campaign ends and we'll get that going.)

Now then... 50 hours left.

If you haven't yet contributed, I'd say the $100 Grab Bag is the "optimum" perk to go for on the next projects. You get up to 6 adventures that fund (which realistically means you get everything that will fund from this campaign series barring a major miracle) in print and PDF and the Conley sandbox.

We need 123 of you to go in on these projects at that level (assuming nobody else contributes).

Let's do it.

I'll sweeten the deal a bit. You get a Raggi-penned adventure (probably 8 or 12 pages) in print + PDF as a bonus with a $100+ contribution (and this is retroactive to the higher contributors to the already funded projects). It won't be exclusive, but you won't pay anything more for it if you go in at the Grab Bag level on a funded adventure.

If you're feeling generous and helpful, there's still the Faithful level perks. The big thing there at this point is getting the exclusive 64 page Raggi adventure (that will be released in abridged form down the line, but never in that 64 page form) and the booklet with the Zak cover art.

Who's next? Only a few hundred bucks separates the next three in line, so I present them to you:

The gimmick: Even if Kelvin's project doesn't fund, all funders get it for free anyway! Details here.

There are a few examples of Kelvin's writing floating about. His Horror Comes to Haddonfield won "Best Horror" in the 2011 One Page Dungeon contest. A Rough Night at the Dog & Bastard won "Best Relationship Map" in the 2012 One Page Dungeon contest. And he wrote the Call of Cthulhu scenario Dinner with Susan.

He is also a frequent artistic contributor to Fight On! and has submitted a number of magic items to that publication.

Kreider is the author of the Polaris supplement Thou Art But a Warrior and a frequent contributor to the Gaming as Women blog under the name wundergeek.

The extra perks: $50 gets you a signed T-shirt and poster, $75 gets you those and 2 tickets to a show and you get to meet Brockie (full details on the campaign page, add $15 for extra shipping charges if you're outside the US). You get all the benefits of the $30 level (adventure in print and PDF, Conley sandbox) with those perks as well.

Brockie is the lead singer of GWAR, a novelist, and an old-school gamer who started in the 70s.

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  1. For anybody who needs a bit more incentive, don't forget that Brendan's extra incentive offer... applies to all the unfunded campaigns!

    And my extra incentive offer...

    ...still applies to all the unfunded campaigns, too!