Monday, July 30, 2012

Monte Cook's Unbegotten Citadel: Free Ptolus PDF with Grab Bags or Higher Perks!

37 hours, $4900 to go.

Monte Cook has just told me that every Grab Bag ($100) level or greater contribution on his project gets the Ptolus: Monte Cook's City by the Spire PDF if it funds. That thing costs $60 on its own!

To review: For that $100, if Cook's project funds, you get:

Monte Cook's Unbegotten Citadel
Jeff Rients' Broodmother Sky Fortress
Vincent Baker's Seclusium of Orphone
+ up to three other adventures should any fund (working on it...!)

"3.PF" edition conversions by Owen KC Stephens in PDF format for the above adventures
The Ptolus PDF
A sandbox setting by Rob Conley in print and PDF
A 8-12 page new Raggi adventure

 Plus two fans have offered up personal items for Grab Bag contributors to help this along, check with them for terms and all that stuff: Here and here.

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  1. I already did a post on these, prior to Jeff's getting funded. I just did another on this, it seems like the value would be well worth it with the extra's kicking in! Thanks for all that you do in the OSR! Your an inspiration to metal loving old schoolers everywhere, man!