Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weird New World: Session 1 Notes

  1. Buying and outfitting a ship takes a good bit of time.
  2. I need mapping aids for the players and methods of communicating map features. I have what I think is a cool map, but it's not easily describable to the players, what with the irregular coastline, archipelagos, straits, etc.
  3. In what is probably a related issue, I'm out of practice with the hexcrawl style, which wasn't helped by the fact that
  4. I wasn't very well organized. I'm working from handwritten notes, preferring to play through things before typing them up. But in this case I had 3 different maps, 2 pages of weather notes, encounter tables, keeping track of the NPC names, plus the map key, all on different full-sized sheets of paper, all handwritten. Typed up, the weather and encounter tables will be on one sheet, which is most of the flipping around as the players travel.

It looks like the basic ideas of the adventure are solid, but it's the presentation that needs refining, and I hope to get that nailed down over the next couple of sessions. There are some important features in the adventure that everyone is still to discover, and I hope over the next two weeks those are all discovered to see how they work in play.


  1. I'm probably not looking in the right places, but I have never found a satisfactory water-bourne adventure rpg rule-set.

  2. I've had lots of ideas floating around lately. I think I want to write an adventure for this game. I've never written one that is intended for the use by others. In fact, I haven't used one written by somebody else in a long enough time I don't even remember how they are 'supposed' to be done. Not that, I ever enjoyed copying a format just because its familiar (familiar doesn't always mean... best for the story).