Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Spell: Gaseous Form - Need Your Advice!

Since in Weird Fantasy Role-Playing all potions are based on spells, some changes have to be made in the spell lists to accommodate this. I've already added Heroism into the spell list (replacing Know Alignment on the Cleric lists).

I don't care if the "Potion of x Control" don't carry over. Treasure Finding? I guess someone could make a Locate Object potion to cover that. Longevity seems to be the kind of setting-breaking effect I've tried to eliminate from the spell lists, so no loss there.

But Gaseous Form is a classic. I don't want to lose it, so I need to make it a spell. But I also want to keep all the spell lists at a certain size so spells can be randomly selected with a simple die roll.


What level Magic-User spell would you say Gaseous Form should be, and what spell currently in the spell list should be cut to make room for it?


  1. 3rd level wizard spell? Can blink, replace it with gaseous form. They're both disappearing in a puff of smoke powers...

  2. My to go list:

    1) Gust of Wind - A really weak spell for being 3rd level
    2) Protection against Evil - Kinda wonky with Jim's new definitions of alignment.
    3) Protection from Normal Missiles - Underpowered and boring.

  3. I think I'd agree with navdi and say replace Gust of Wind.

  4. To me, gaseous form seems like a 2nd level spell...not quite as practical as the 3rd level Fly, more specific than the 4th level polymorph self.

    If you're using the B/X spell list (??) it's hard to drop any, though perhaps web (this will certainly make mages more sorcerous and utilitarian by taking out the only 2nd level offensive spell).

    Otherwise, protection from normal missiles (3rd) seems a fair substitute to "carry over" (like locate object for treasure finding). Though I wouldn't drop the spell entirely. I've never been a big fan of the "10 foot radius" spells at 3rd level, though protection from evil is probably too useful to discard in YOUR game...drop the invisibility 10' radius though (just problematic in so many regards...invisibility should be PERSONAL).
    : )

  5. >>If you're using the B/X spell list (??)

    My game, including the spell lists in it, has a download link on the upper right corner of the blog...

  6. I'd suggest just adding Gaseous Form, then find a second spell to add to that level.

    But if that isn't what you want, perhaps the Gaseous Form potion requires multiple spells cast during the creation process? Fog Cloud and Polymorph seem appropriate.

  7. As for spells you can safely drop:

    1: Use a single Polymorph spell instead of "Self/Other".

    2: Put Prot from Normal Weapons at 3rd and remove Prot from Normal Missiles.

    3: Replace "Audible Glamer" and "Phantasmal Force" with "Limited Illusion" that covers only one sense(sight or sound or scent, etc).

    4: Remove Hold Portal entirely. I've never seen anyone use it. You might as well just spike the door shut and drag some furniture in front of it.

    5: Remove Read Magic and say that anyone who can cast M-U spells can read the scroll and spellbook, etc.

    6: Lump the three Prismatic X spells into one. The caster can choose to cast it as a wall, sphere, or wedge spray. Move it to Level 8 for its greater utility.

    7: Let "Phantasmal Supergoria" also do the improved Hallucinatory Terrain effect of Veil (removing Veil entirely).

    This should give you 3x L1, 2x L4, 1x L6, and 1x L7 in space, and you'd need to create another L8 to make it fit the die-range requirement.

    Also, Wish and Limited Wish are "missing". Intentional? I always used these as wildcard spells with a fatigue payment. That is, a Limited Wish (L7) can do the effect of any L1-6 spell, but you lose 4 CON for the rest of the day. Wish (L9) performs as any L1-8 spell but you lose 4 CON for the day and age 3 years.

  8. Just downloaded. Hmm...stinking cloud? As in "I drank this potion and turned into a STINKING cloud!!"

    (sorry...hitting the gin & tonic a little early tonight)
    ; )

  9. Aw, if you drop Gust of Wind you'll be removing the main countermeasure to Gaseous Form ;)

    Seriously though, what this exercise reveals is that once you start analyzing the traditional spell lists for power and fun issues, there's just no stopping, short of a radical purge and bloodbath.

  10. Maybe I'll just get rid of fireball and slide Gaseous Form right in there. :)