Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weird Coincidences and Strange Omens

It's the Final Month for principle writing for the box set, so I'm going to be pretty scarce around here as I still have a lot to do, but the worst is definitely behind me.

I do need to mention a strange series of coincidences that have happened while I've been working on the box set. Five artists have (or are very soon will have) moved in the middle of everything. You have no idea how nuts that makes me when I'm waiting for material...

Weird New World is going to come down to the wire. My Sunday players have taken the bait to do the adventure, but 4 out of the 5 regulars have other commitments so we won't start playing it until the 16th. ay ay ay. And I still have to get the map specs to Ramsey. Wild, wild days.

And I can't help but mention... After a several year hiatus, I've once again become an online subscriber to Coast to Coast AM. Oftentimes hilarious, most of the time interesting, it's the best deal for your entertainment dollar, bar none. Alien abductions, worldwide conspiracies, ghosts, time travel, psychics, Bigfoot, and more, mixed with legitimate news and non-sensationalistic guests, all of which is treated with the same credulity by the hosts to give it all a sheen of legitimacy. Until it's time for the callers, and then you hope to hell that this is all just theater as you fear for a world where these callers are real people who believe what they are saying. But since subscribing to the show's online feed once again, I've found that I stay more focused on my work and not tempted to surf around the net every 15 minutes instead of writing. Good stuff.

edit: The pencils arrived today! 720 of the wonderful little buggers... 610 to go in boxes, so... look at me... I now have 110 personal pencils! I rock!

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  1. I listen to Coast-to-Coast AM at night as I'm driving home from my gaming sessions (the only time I'm up that late!). I never can figure out if George Noory is being tongue-in-cheek with these folks (I believe he is), or if he just naturally sounds that "fake".

    At any rate, the show is unintentionally hilarious and I never miss an opportunity to listen.