Thursday, May 6, 2010

Awesome Typo

Weird game yesterday, with a death attributable to a lack of party cohesion (one guy charges into combat, all others run from it) which created a bit of a bleak atmosphere for a bit, and the session started slowly as 3/4ths of the players had new characters and when I asked, "So how do you guys know each other?" took forever to get answered. hmm. No game on Sunday as 4/5ths of the players had other commitments (Mother's Day...).

Anyway, this awesome typo. I'm doing the full writeup for Tower of the Stargazer today (and will be finished by Saturday night, dammit, and will get the maritime rules and most of the notes for Weird New World ready by next Sunday) and just made the most amusing typo.

It's supposed to say, "(monster) attacks the nearest living creature."

But what I actually wrote was, "(monster) attacks the neatest living creature."

Hilarious, isn't it? Can you imagine? Neat creatures? "Oh man, you're an adventurer, I'm not attacking you! Tuck in your pants! Pull up those socks!"



Anyone there?


See, this is what happens when I get amused by something fairly pathetic and the wifely creature is out running errands so she isn't around to be told. You all face my comedic wrath instead.


  1. The LAST guy you want to trust in any dungeon situation is the neat one. Frankly, the typo makes perfect sense.

  2. Count me among the laughing.

    And now i know why my son dresses the way he does - it seems so obvious, to protect himself from monsters. Pull up those socks, indeed.

  3. And see I took "Neatest" as to mean the creature that the DM thinks is the "coolest".

    DM: "Hmmmm, I think Jon's fighter is really neat. I'm going to pound him into the dirt w/ this red dragon."

  4. Halfway between Jim and Gamer Dude. I thought "Oh hey that M-U looks pretty snazzy, let's claw/claw/bite him!"

    Love it. Shades of "% in Liar".

  5. Neatness = Charisma, x2 if the character is Lawful, +5 if the character is a halfling?