Sunday, May 23, 2010

Posts Like This Are Why I Still Visit Daily

From here.

"So you kill Cthulhu. But that doesn't mean you've won.

When the stars were right the thing's dreams made artists, poets and madmen create works of art and insane genius. That was only when the stars were right.

What if the only thing that kept humanity 'sane', the only thing that created a civilisation for the poor ape, was the dreams of the alien under the sea?

When the star god was killed, people all over the world simply stopped dreaming. Sociopathy increased, men became monsters, little more than apes with tools. Soon the whole world collapsed, because our intelligence, our sanity was nothing more than the dream of an ancient alien being, momentarily trapped under the ocean until we had the presumption to kill it."


  1. Damn, I gave up on that site a long time ago. Daily flame wars get old.

    Excellent post tho'. I may have to dig around there again.

  2. Very nice. There's a few others in the thread that are in the same ballpark.

    The original poster's concept, though, appears to boil down to, "We're going to run the movie 'Armageddon' as an RPG, but instead of a giant meteor, we're going to use Cthulhu. Cool, huh?"

  3. Hey James, I started reading some of the posts there, and in all honesty I wasn't too impressed. I think you pointed out one of the most intelligent and creative posts in the thread, some of the others though....oh boy....I think a few hadn't even read Call of Cthulhu before. Anyway, like I said I do think you picked out a really insightful opinion, I just didn't see it picked up on later in the thread.

  4. When you can figure out how to kill it, horror ends. It becomes part of the action/hero genre. If Cthulu were to be killed-killed it would be by some completely unknowing and unpurposeful action.

    The openers post (and many of the repliers) indicates a lack of understanding of cosmic horror, and the reason to participate in it.