Friday, May 7, 2010

It's the End of the World As We Know It

... and I'll feel fine as long as my printers don't go out of business or raise prices at least through July.

Seriously though, that stock madness yesterday? In a week's time the Euro has dropped from $1.33 to $1.25 (currently back up to $1.27). Greece is rioting (don't even get me started there; I think it is a preview of the real global financial crisis to come... we ain't seen nuthin' yet), Ejfgdsufssdf in Iceland is spewing smoke again, the Gulf of Mexico is one big oil slick right now, Iran's going nuclear, everything's breaking down...

So the Steel Dawn future is coming... or if we're lucky, just Mad Max... and I have a big new game coming out in July.

Hoard your pennies now, because even if you're reduced to eating dog food and living under a tarp between gutted out buildings by then, you'll still want a copy. ;)


  1. That's the basic concept of time, isn't it? The world we know is different from the one we used to know and different from the one we will with no doubt get used to.

  2. In times like these, I'm glad I am legally armed ;)

  3. Last night after work i stopped by Arbys because I was to tired to cook. Inside I heard perhaps the stupidest conversation I have ever eaves dropped on by a group of college students. After debating the pronunciation of Gyro for five minutes one of them said" It's pronounced Jiroe. Euro doesn't even make sense. Greek uses Rupees, not the Euro!" Unfortunately one of them herd ruffie instead of rupee and then they started rambling about drugging people to pay for your burger.

    I seriously hope they were kidding. I don't know how anyone on the planet could be unaware of the Euro situation.

  4. If anyone can be unaware of anything, it's college students.

  5. Jim,

    I recently cashed in my savings to buy chickens and milkable sheep. When the steel dawn arrives I'll be ready.

    But I'm gonna have to pay for your game with sheep cheese. Hope you like it!!

    P.S. - The financial crisis is really a demographic crisis. The kids/pensioner ratio is farked. The obvious solution is to change the incentives. Instead of paying people to be old (pensions) we'll pay them to have kids. Old people can work.

  6. The current geo-polinomic structure has surprised me with its stability, with the ability to put out the constant eruptions of fires since 2008 when the s- hit the fan. The world does not have a glass jaw like it did circa 1929.

    That said, I wonder if it will tumble down still - a point will come when the buffers fail, the buttresses crack, and there is a big rip. Resilience thus far does not mean it is limitless bend with no break.

    The legacy of welfare states, deficits, unkeep-able promises, entitlements, and false prosperities that were borrowed against the future will come to a head eventually. We'll see if this is "it".

    That said, governments that are agile, efficient, with its populists as rugged individualists who are producers and not "takers" will survive. Most Western nations have moved away from the above paradigm, unfortunately to the converse - e.g., less producers, nanny state entitlements, buerocracy

  7. Steel Dawn, ahh!! That brings back memories. Boy, we were talking about how to game that movie for weeks after seeing it.

  8. Just think, your taxes are going to be paying for some Greek hairdresser's retirement at age 50. What a country! Errr... "Euro-zone"...