Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nobody Likes St. McIver

Grinding Gear actual play post here.

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  1. Holy cow. That's my write-up. I posted it less than 24 hours ago.

    I haven't codified the gods in my world and, taking a leaf from Zak, have allowed the players to come up with the gods. I described the statue in the chapel as the god of invention and smiths and they immediately named him Stark. Iron Man 2 was fresh in their minds as a friend bailed on the session to go to a gold class screening. His loss as the game rocked.

    I felt a little sad to leave it only partly complete.

    Mike, who plays the dwarf, was miffed that the green slime busted up his armour and gear. He thought the tunnel slime drop was a gotcha trap. I pointed out that not only did his character not die but also I had adequately described the tunnel he was entering, algae and all. If he wanted to slide in there on his belly in suit plate well more fool him.