Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me...

Exactly two years ago (to the minute!) I posted the first entry to this blog.

It is really unbelievable how everything has changed since then. Things are so much better now.

Here's to two more years, and having it be that much better then, too.

(I'm writing this post about a week before it posts, just so I don't forget. Now I'm hoping nothing happens between now and then. It would be just my luck if a meteor struck Helsinki and this whole area is a big old crater and then this post goes live.)


  1. did you write that before the volcano erupted in, where was it, Iceland? maybe the gods missed Finland. Consider yourself luck THIS time.

    Here's to 2 more years...and then some

  2. until he makes a comment posts, theres no proof he WASNT wiped out by a freak accident :P

  3. Libations and salutations!

    And, hurry up and produce Lamentations already so I can buy it and run it.

  4. Wow. The endless creative energy back where it belongs, RPG'n.
    A real feather in your cap.