Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing version 0.07 now Online!

Download it here.

Changes this time around:

Revised Maritime rules and ship stats, and boat prices, consolidated class tables, Plate Mail now costs two encumbrance points, changed shield prices, changed the Starvation rule, XP for foes defeated changed again, added Physician to Retainer list, adjusted Firing into mêlée rules, removed Feign Death spell and inserted Gaseous Form, changed descriptions for the spells Contact Other Plane, Control Weather, Cure Disease, Divination, Enlarge, Exorcism, Hold Person, Levitate, Massmorph, Neutralize Poison, Power Word Stun, Prayer, Prismatic Sphere, Ray of Enfeeblement, general text cleanup

Time's running out to find any real screwups... :D


  1. My only concern here, is the attack tables. I can see not letting the MU progress. Maybe the specialist. Even the elf. But neutering the dwarf doesn't sit well with me at all. :) I could also get behind the idea of turning the cleric into more of a swords & sorcery priest, amping up his spells a little and taking away the combat abilities. But leaving the traditional class as is while sticking him with an eternal +1 bonus to hit?

    I definitely want a copy of the box set, as I really dig your stuff and know from past experience that I don't want to settle for a pdf when it comes to LotFP products. But I know that I wouldn't use the combat rules as they stand. Combat ability is still important to clerics at higher levels and the poor dwarf is screwed!

  2. Dwarfs and elves get access to the advanced combat options (Press and Defensive Attack) as well as getting the greater Parry bonus, so they still have combat options since they are both "fighter types."

    But the fighter needs something to make him special, and fighting seems to be a real good thing to focus on.

  3. I have been running a game recently using your rules but have made some changes. I agree that limiting the dwarf to an eternal +1 just doesnt seem to work. All the little guys do is fight and they never get better other than hp? The cleric is in the same boat. I just let dwarves have the fighter table but start at +1 instead of +2 so they are always a step behind. In my opinion the cleric is the holy warrior for the church so they are half fighter half priest and I give them a +1 every 3 levels. The mage stays the same so does the specialist. Thats what I like about the lotfp rules. The core is well designed and I can make changes without having to rework the whole system.

  4. I agree with fighters being the only ones to get attack bonuses.

    That said, I think that the description of dwarfs should drop the "fierce and hardy warriors" language. Perhaps replace it with something like "but are hardy and resilient."

  5. Reading through slowly.

    "Character is carrying 6 or more different items** overall 1 Point
    Character is carrying 11 or more different items** overall 1 Point
    Character is carrying 16 or more different items** overall 1 Point
    Character is carrying 21 or more different items** overall 1 Point"

    Shouldn't this be something like 6 items +1 point, 11 items +2, 16 +3 so on? I might just not be reading that bit right.

  6. I would say dwarf and elf get better as they level up. Is that not what hit point means? It is there ability to fight back and forth. They might not be as skilled as a fighter at striking to kill, but they still can stand up to a troll if need be.

  7. Hi
    does the final layout gets some interior artworks?


    French gamer

  8. Yes, the finished game (out now, ordering link here) is fully illustrated.

  9. Great, i will waiting to buy it via Ludikbazar.

    Good luck !

  10. You might want to contact them and tell them you want it - they haven't placed an order yet!

  11. Ok,i will mail them, but if they don't intent to order it, i will do it myself directly.