Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Green Devil Face Reviewed!

Michael Shorten posted a very positive and kind review of Green Devil Face #2 here. Thanks!

Remember that submissions are always welcome (and the frequency of new issues depends on you! - all contributors get a free copy of the issue they're in), and it would really be cool if somebody could put together a custom logo for it, maybe something psychedelic in the tradition of the early logo for The Dragon. I can't pay, but you'll get on the permanent comp copy list if I use your work as the permanent logo!


  1. A psychedlic logo, eh? Sounds like a challenge!

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  3. Yeah, I love the original way they wrote "Dragon" on the covers. I also like the original lizardman logo of TSR.

    Why did they ever have to "improve" (read: jack-up) those two logos?

  4. I'm wracking my brain, trying to be creative! Believe me, you'll see the fruits of it if there is one!