Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meet Rachel Whispers, Landowner and Good Citizen of Pembrooktonshire

Whispers is a comely young widow, just twenty-three years of age. She now runs the decently-sized apple tree orchard that’s been owned by her husband’s family for generations. She’s an able administrator and a kind employer.

Rachel Whispers is scared to death. She became convinced that her husband’s death from falling from a ladder was no accident, and she came to believe their three year old son was responsible. She came to believe he was possessed by a demon. On one stormy night, when she was struggling with the decision to turn him over to the priests, the child said something particularly blasphemous and in a fit of pure terror she killed her only child. Her panic only increased as she realized what she’d done as the boy’s dead, innocent face stared up blankly at her.

Knowing this would mean she would go to the gallows, Whispers brought the body to her secret basement to give herself time to think about what to do next. To her horror, when she woke up the next morning, she found her son playing in the front yard, talking to the neighbors. Firmly convinced of his diabolic nature, she killed him again when he came inside and brought the body down to the basement, no longer troubled by guilt.

But every morning, there the child is, laughing, playing, being seen by the neighbors. And every late morning, she brains him with a cast iron frying pan, or a piece of furniture, or perhaps even stabs him with a large knife. The way she kills her son seems to be different every day. But nothing stops him from being alive and happy the next day.

And Rachel’s basement is getting full…

Learn more about Pembrooktonshire in the adventure module No Dignity in Death: The Three Brides, coming soon from LotFP.

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