Friday, May 1, 2009

Meet Royston Haddingfield, Builder and Good Citizen of Pembrooktonshire

Haddingfield is a smart and still-strong middle-aged widower, who along with his sons Tony, Reggie, and Vasey, perform most of the major construction and renovation work around town. There are few residences, and fewer public buildings, that have not been improved by the work of the Haddingfields' skillful hands.

In his spare time he socializes and plays darts down at The Last Stop, and is an accomplished whittler. Every Saturday morning he dutifully takes a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the grave of his wife. He has never so much as thought about another woman in the six years since she passed.

Haddingfield and his sons scam the town in one particular way: They always screw up their jobs in minor, but noteworthy ways. They then offer to fix it for free, and are willing to construct a secret cellar in return for the client not speaking about the mistake and thus ruining the Haddingfield's perfect reputation. They've been running this scheme for two generations now, and so most of the people of Pembrooktonshire have a secret place of their own that no one knows about, and they also think nobody else has such a place.

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