Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Online Game: Tonight! Details!

For now, let's assume this is a one-shot, and see how it goes from there. Here's how we'll do this.

Gametime: 7pm Thursday Eastern time, that's 2am Friday Helsinki time.

What you need: Skype and a microphone. Skype is a free download and using it is free. My Skype name is JimLotFP. Add me as a contact on there before gametime, and fifteen minutes before game time I will start the conference call in Skype.

Because we need a die roller, I'm going to open a private Dragonsfoot chat room. Once we're hooked up on Skype, I'll let you know the room name and password. Not sure if you need to be a Dragonsfoot member to use the chat rooms, so take care of that before gametime. :D

Tricky part is a mapping surface. I think we'll attempt to use Scriblink this time. Not fancy, but how perfect does cartography need to be?

To repeat:

We'll use Labyrinth Lord for the rules. People who "sign up" need to have 3 playable characters ready when we start (roll 3d6 down the line, discard characters who have a total negative bonus, make one switch of scores... characters will start at 2nd level, so take maximum hit points for first level and roll for the second level points... take the maximum starting money then roll starting money and that's your beginning total).

Six players maximum. "Book" with me by email ( and be there by gametime, else it's first come first served. And let's see if this seat-of-the-pants futuristic gaming works. :P


  1. A couple of my players are moving and we've been kicking around the idea of gaming online. If you can, please report on not only the gameplay, but also the mechanics of how it all worked (and if it worked well).

  2. Curses! I didn't get your reply to my last related comment til I decided to check it. Just downloaded the game now, and probably can't make it in time, but I may attempt to lurk once I get home if that's ok?

  3. Jim: I'll be at my Son's practice while you're gaming, but I'd like to echo the above comment and ask that you please report specifically about how the various online tools worked out for the session. Thanks!

  4. I've got D&D tonight at the same time. Looking forward to reading about this one.

  5. Email sent yesterday. Looking forward to the game!


  6. How about DMing for Europeans? It would seem to be a natural fit, and timeslot problems should be minimized.

  7. I need to be completely comfortable with this online setup before I do a European online game, because I usually need a small adjustment period with accents and it's more difficult if the person isn't right in front of you.

    And if this online gaming thing works out, I have to find a way to do it without my girlfriend wanting to kill me. I'm already taking up the house once a week with this gaming stuff.

    (and one player for tonight's game has already asked, "So how do we get our scones?" ay ay ay!)