Friday, May 8, 2009

Meet Morris Simons, Composer, Bard, and Good Citizen of Pembrooktonshire.

Morris makes his living composing great musical works for great orchestras in larger cities, but around town he’s known as the minstrel who performs down at the Good Shepherd. He’s a young man for one of his abilities, merely in his mid-thirties, but he has an old haggard look about him. Sometimes it seems like he’s staring at things that aren’t there. His performances always draw a crowd because people never know how he’s going to act.

You see, when Morris plays an instrument, and it doesn’t matter if it’s his lute, a violin, his mandolin, or even his prized dragonskin drum, he sometimes travels through time. There seems to be no pattern, no way to predict when or if it will happen. When he does time travel, he always appears in the midst of other performing musicians, sometimes in rehearsal, sometimes in performance, and a few times, on live television. Because he’s never playing the same thing the others are, the performance breaks down immediately, and when Simons stops playing, he is instantly transported back to his own time at the same moment he left; onlookers don’t even notice that he’d gone. And that’s the moment his performances become eccentric and interesting.

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