Sunday, May 17, 2009

For All Those Who Use Battlemats and Minis...


I finally remembered to take a picture of the game table before people show up. Finding places to put character sheets and set up my screen is difficult enough...

Those scones are freshly baked, mind you.


  1. I'd much rather see that on my table than a battlemat and a bunch of miniatures.

  2. What kind of utensil is that on the bowl of butter (I assume)? Is it a chunky handle attached to a flat spreading blade, or a handle attached to a large scoop of some sort?

  3. >>Is it a chunky handle attached to a flat spreading blade


    You should see how they cut the cheese over here. :P

  4. This is why you need to have a second buffet table. Like the rest of us.

  5. So, how do they cut cheese elsewhere?

  6. These are not used in the US, and Maria tells me they aren't used in Britain either.

    My family only ever bought pre-sliced cheese, and I continued the habit when I moved out. Even grating our own cheese seemed like unnecessary work since pre-grated cheese was available. I can't recall ever seeing any sort of uncut cheese in the house.

    Then I moved to Europe. :D

  7. Pre-sliced cheese is, IIRC, that expensive and unnecessary thing that can be found in some stores.

    Strange world.

  8. They don't have proper cheese here in Canada. Back in Scandinavia it's actually wedge shaped. Like it should be. I miss it!

    BTW, I really like how you run your games, without having seen more than the "empty" table. Need mreo players? :)

  9. Here in New Hampshire we have access to plenty of nice cheese. I am partial to Vermont cheddar, of course. Never eaten pre-sliced stuff in my life, and I've never been out of the US for more than two weeks at a time. When I lived on the West coast for a few years the cheese was one of the few sad things about it. Why would they dye cheddar orange?

    As for gaming with a battlemat, my groups use LARGE tables most of the time. Often 4'x8' or larger, with (at a minimum) a Chessex 3'x4' Megamat, or (on Sundays) usually a 4'x8' Mondomat over the top like a tablecloth. Usually at the start of the session snacks will be obstructing the center. Once we get down to combat, the ritual of moving the snacks to the side is just part of the excitement!

    Your homemade goodies look great. A couple of our group's wives used to cook for us often, but right now we're playing at a bachelor pad, which means lots of junkfood, ordering pizza, etc. Do they have decent pizza delivery in Finland?

  10. We had to give up on the battle mat once we were faced this difficult choice: crappy pre-painted minis or a pot luck meal and a bottle of whiskey. The choice was obvious.