Sunday, May 24, 2009

Anyone Up for a Game?

A few weeks back I talked about doing an online game, and then never really followed up on the suggestions given for how to do it. Always more crucial things on the agenda...

Well, Death Frost Doom has been expanded past its original core to the point where I can no longer really claim that the extra material is just fleshed out background and description or that it's been playtested on the whole. At the same time, the core of the adventure is identical to how it was in my campaign so the balance of my players have either been through it or have had the experience related to them by those that have gone through it.

So let's do this.

Thursday, 7pm Eastern time. I want you to play in my game online. We'll use Labyrinth Lord for the rules. Six players maximum, to keep this from being a total circus. People who "sign up" need to have 3 playable characters ready (roll 3d6 down the line, discard characters who have a total negative bonus, make one switch of scores... characters will start at 2nd level, so take maximum hit points for first level and roll for the second level points... take the maximum starting money then roll starting money and that's your beginning total), they need to have a microphone on their computer (not sure of the platform we'll use, that'll be Tuesday's firm project, but have Skype ready to go in the meantime!), and be ready to spend an evening in hell. :)


  1. 7pm EST? Isn't that kind of late for Helsinki? Or are there another Eastern time zone, and I'm showing my North American centric world view?

    Hmm. How long are you planning on running your sessions? 7pm in Finland is almost my lunch hour. It would be really cool to try LL...

  2. I'd be interested, but every other week I'd be late to start... that and I don't know Labyrinth Lord.

  3. Hey Jim, if you'd like to incorporate Advanced Edition Characters into this, drop me a line. I'm now looking for playtesters anyway, and I know you prefer separate race/classes, so we would both get something out of it!

  4. >>7pm EST? Isn't that kind of late for Helsinki?

    The vast majority of my readers (and GDF buyers) are in North America, so I needed to pick a time more convenient for them. So what if it's 2am for me... my Friday is free!


    If you know old D&D, you already know LL. LL is effectively B/X with tweaks. Download it here.


    Since I'm hoping people show up with characters ready, I'm not sure the playtest for you would be a good idea... you'd have to be willing to send the thing to some random internet people saying "ooo, ooo, me me!" Up to you. :)

  5. Very generous of you to pick a time fitting for us i North America.

    If I had still been playing D&D4, I'd tossed that one out at once for the possibility of playing LL. Now we have already started a CoC game at 7 pm EST. Sometimes there are actually too much of a good thing. :(