Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back From Rome

We landed back in Helsinki about two hours ago. Funny that the way things work, my passport has nothing to indicate I left Finland or entered Italy! The new printer (I've named it "Tippy") was ready for pickup so I got that on the way home.

Today is a day of rest, catching up on all the blog posts I've missed and what's going on in messageboardland, (it's funny how a few days gone makes it seem like I've missed a ton of stuff) and swearing at Tippy before I figure out how he works. Tomorrow I need to fill a few Green Devil Face orders that came in while I was gone and go through my hundred or so Rome pictures and do my big blog post concerning that (and as soon as I saw the Colosseum, I had a relevant blog angle!).

Somewhere in there I need to bug my artists and see if they've gotten anything done these past five days!

Then on Friday I'm off to Turku to see the castle there during the day and catch Lord Vicar and Spiritus Mortis at night. Saturday will likely be another dead day, then Sunday is game day, and Monday I get back to work to actually turn all this stuff I've been talking about into actual things for you.

From the "I'm a Sucker" department: At the airport in Rome this morning, while waiting to leave, I spotted Harry Turtledove's The Gladiator in a bookstore. Damn thing had a 20 sided die on the cover and the blurb on the back talked about political subversion through gaming. It was a quick, breezy read (nothing like the Clark Ashton Smith I'd brought with me!), entertaining enough... but... I read it in like two, two and a half hours, and it cost 13€. And I bought it anyway because it had a 20 sider on it. ay ay ay

... and I know you all cared immensely about this post. :D


  1. I am glad you are back safely and apparently had fun while there. :)

  2. Hey! It did have a twenty sider on it!

    Talking about time, and perspective. I was feeling sad that I had to wait until you got back to get GDF, since you posted that you were going to Rome just a day or two after I ordered them. Thanks for sending them out so quick!