Monday, May 11, 2009

Meet Benedict Onions, Junior Priest and Good Citizen of Pembrooktonshire

Onions is the youngest priest at the church in Pembrooktonshire, yet his artistic talent and impeccable calligraphic skills have caused Father Rhydderch to put him in charge of archiving and copying of old texts (presses being considered too vulgar to duplicate holy works). Onions enjoys his duties immensely.

Benedict is also quite the forger, and is a former employee of the Reuter bookbindery, where he learned the ins and outs of book manufacturing. Onions has been rewriting the chief texts that Rhydderch uses for his sermons one page at a time, and then replacing those pages late at night. The rewritten passages carry the same general meanings as before, but when taken as a whole are beginning to resemble something else altogether…

Learn more about Pembrooktonshire in the adventure module No Dignity in Death: The Three Brides, coming soon from LotFP.


  1. Yet another pointless post about this module. How about you stop wasting time with these lame "teasers" and just write the effing thing already.

  2. Bad news for you, dude. The module is 100% written and has been for well over a month. However, the publisher I'd submitted it to turned it down. So every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday new updates of this nature will be posted until the artwork is done.

    And I just commissioned the artwork on Friday.

    Enjoy the pointless teasers for probably another month, if I'm lucky. :P