Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing Version 0.06 and New Character Sheets!

New rules are available for download here and have the following updates:

  • Small alteration to Encumbrance Rules
  • Clarified Charm Person, Levitate, Haste, Detect Evil, Sleep spells
  • Added “no more than one level gained per session” rule
  • Clarified Helpless Opponents
  • Changed Warhorse price
  • Added Slave costs
  • Changed Doors to Low Roll mechanic to match other subsystems
  • Adjusted Monster XP Awards
  • Firing Into Mêlée rules revised
  • Added Dwarfs are Less Encumbered rule
  • Replaced Know Alignment with Heroism spell
  • Altered Halfling special abilities slightly
  • Changed Animal Encumbrance
  • Altered Language Rules

As you can see, all minor changes. The next big project is the Maritime rules, which I'm getting together to prepare the playtesting for Weird New World.

And here is the latest draft for the character sheets. Again, these will be redone more professionally...


  1. I'm glad you got rid of know alignment. I HATE that spell.

  2. As bad as Know Alignment is - ESP is worse and for all the same reasons. AD&D contains a lot of fudging and damage-control around those spells and similar gimmicks like alignment-tongue, showing that Gygax recognized the spoiler potential in such spells.

    For me, an info spell should be set up to give clues but not answers. That's how I would play ESP and so on. I like the ways of Stormbringer, Legend of Five Rings, and other games that play out divination spells as conversations with entities who have their own bias and agendas, rather than foolproof scientific instruments.