Sunday, April 4, 2010

LotFP: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing is Always Right

At least it will be after the next update or two. Not as a creative exercise, but objectively, universally right. Argue and it's off to the glue factory for you, Boxer.

In other news, things are moving swimmingly on the game front. Getting the Referee book draft done is a real bitch, but it's coming along. Also reading up on the maritime sources, and people are really going to hate that adventure, for many reasons. Brutal isn't the word for it, and I haven't even set up a single encounter for it yet.

Both cover models have completed their reference shoots and The Artist has them and is hopefully hard at work as we speak.

When that is done, I'll post it and ask for an unscientific, non-binding "Will you be pre-ordering?" show of hands. Looking at around Ropecon for release though, so there's still some months.

Here's a sneak interior peak, by Dean Clayton:

Dean's going to have about 20 pieces in the box, including the interiors of Tower of the Stargazer.

I've made a decision about future PDFs. I'll be copying Labyrinth Lord's business model for the core rules; the free rules will be art-free, but the for-pay version will have artwork (in addition to the other books from the box too!).

I won't be doing dual-formatted PDFs anymore. Instead, I'll make one for-PDF layout (European page size, considering where I am), and make it look nice, and that'll be that. Whether you print that out or read it on one of those newfangled thingies, your choice.

Last night's TARGA conference call was eventful. I'll let the official update happen before I talk about how I envision things happening. "Shit or get off the pot" time.


  1. Most desktop printers are now clever enough to be able to format an A4 page to US-letter, so that shouldn't be too much of an issue. The height difference is only about 15mm at the top or bottom, and all you'll lose there is some blank space or border art at worse.

  2. I think the Pay for Art model is more than reasonable and overall a great idea!

  3. I like the plan. Should work very well on my newfangled thingie. ;)