Sunday, April 18, 2010

When the Players Resort to This, You Know It's a Good Game

So the monster hiding down the hole wasn't affected by fire. In fact, burning it released a noxious gas, so that didn't work.

Someone had the idea of packing the corpses of the dead bandits down the hole in an attempt to smother the monster. Happily, they didn't actually attempt this.

They did tie a chicken to a pole and stuck it down there in an attempt to lure the monster out so it could be shot at, but it didn't take the bait.

You can't do that in computer games, damn it. The unique qualities of the tabletop form in action!

Good news is the new character sheet (both sides!) got a workout, as well as the system. Nothing broken this time, nobody even complained about how encumbrance was set up. Comments were more along the lines of "this needs to be explained more" and "where is a prostitute on the price list?" and "you should have a space for weapon damage on the character sheet," so I'm getting pretty close now, I think.


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