Friday, April 16, 2010

"Vanilla" Fantasy

... as a synonym for "common" or "boring."

I see it all the time, but only ever on the internet.

And you know what?

People that say that have obviously never tasted any actual vanilla.


Seems to me like many people eat some piss-poor ice cream, I'll tell you what.

And also, a couple logos for the adventures that will appear in the box set:

I haven't yet seen Mr. Mullen's artwork for the Tower so I'm not sure if the rainbow will work for it, but I'm hoping so.


  1. Finally! Someone who agrees with me that vanilla is not a synonym for flavorless!

  2. I agree. Vanilla should be viewed as classic, solid and simple yet complex. I think the lotfp rules are a good example of true vanilla. A logical core foundation that works great on its own but still allows for any flavors you might want to add.

  3. Vanilla is my favorite ice cream- but my least favorite variety of fantasy- however, I don't think its flavorless at all- just not to my taste, more power to everyone that digs it. Beyond that, even Tolkien produced more than one variety of Vanilla- The Hobbit which I like very much and LoTR which I don't like at all.
    Ice Ice baby.

  4. Real vanilla is one of the most complex flavors in existence, with something over 10,000 different discernible chemical constituents (maybe more - I don't recall tge exact number). The best artificial vanillas have under 20. People who say vanilla is flavorless simply haven't had the real thing.

    It is a poor vanilla flavored ice cream that needs the accoutrements of a Sundae. But vanilla ice cream without the toppings is the source of the analogy. In case anyone cares.

  5. Statistically, people purchase more vanilla ice cream than any other flavor...I believe the ratio is 2-to-1 over the next best seller.

    Why is bottled vanilla so damn expensive?

  6. Wow, Aos echoes my sentiments 100%, weird...

  7. Vanilla is my favorite flavor of ice cream, actually...

  8. Personally, I find that dollops of S&S weird fantasy work better if they're bubbling up from beneath an essentially "typical" pseudo-medieval setting. Like finding butterscotch under some savory French Vanilla.