Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just want to say...

... that I've gotten some progress shots on The Cover. Specifically the Flame Princess portion.

I want to have a big reveal when it's done so I won't post anything until then, but holy poop! I am so pleased so far. My original idea for the cover was to do a photo shoot, and now I think I'm getting something just as good without having to worry that the costumes and creature effects look like shit. And these are just prelims.

Tease tease tease!

I've seen the several dozen reference shots Marjut had taken. As I understand it, Luna had over two hundred photos taken to use as reference for the snake demon.

This is all actually happening.

No, scratch that.

This isn't happening. We're doing it.

Not even 6am, and it's back to work, to make sure that my parts get done on time and don't let down the promise that is being made by the art.

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