Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The House of Snails!

I'm running two games a week these days in order to help get the kinks out of the system.

Today's adventure may be, if the PCs go for it, The House of Snails!

I'll have the latest updates to the rules and character sheets up sometime tonight. Hoping to have them ready for this evening's game. Along with a few other things. Writing this Referee book, with all the advice I'm putting in there, really highlights how sloppy my own Refereeing has been at times lately. Honestly, I'm not a very good improvisational Referee at all (and definitely a far better writer than Referee in general). Give me a solid framework and I can riff off of that all night. Without that framework? Eeek. Need to tighten that up, right now, especially doing double time gaming.

Also... hehe... my wife came home from work last night rather peeved. Seems she's been reading my blog during breaks at her job, and she wasn't so happy about some of the comments to the "And I Thought I Was Delusional" post. I mean she seemed genuinely ticked off in that "Someone just farted," kind of way. But don't worry, I deflected that by making her ticked off with me, because I think I was laughing and giggling at her for the better part of half an hour for getting upset by things that strangers said on the internet! I did ask her why she doesn't get herself an account to respond, and she told me, "You're my husband! You're supposed to defend me!"

I don't know exactly why any of those comments would have set her off, but you rascals cut that out before I end up giggling so much that I am forced to sleep on the couch.


  1. From what I've been told, I'm quite an offensive guy, so my "offensiveness meter" may be of slightly, but I can't see any comments that would get her pissed. Then again, I'm single and almost 40 for a reason I guess...

  2. All of the comments I see there seem pretty supportive of her statement (well, except the "4 months tops" one, but even that is still generally on her side). I wonder who she's really angry with!