Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Know I'm A Right Bastard, But...

Shouldn't we celebrate July 27 and October 1 instead of March 4 and April 7?

You know, how Martin Luther King Jr Day is in January and not this time of year?


  1. The idea being to celebrate life not death? Well, their games did have a certain amount of undead in them, so the date of them passing on to other planes of Still morbid?

    Hey, you're talking to a species that likes to dress up their dead, shove them in a box, sometimes char them into ash or drop them in a hole. And lets not even talk about the pyramids (show offs!).


  2. i couldn't agree with you more. But i suppose as long as we remember folks, maybe the actual date doesn't matter so much...

  3. I think you're misunderstanding. We're remembering Dave and Gary on the anniversaries of the days they left us, not "celebrating." By all means, mark their birthdays if you'd like, but I see nothing the least bit odd about taking the time to recall the memories of the dead on the specific day they entered into eternity.

  4. Days of death strike a more resonate chord in humans. People always talk about where they were the day Kennedy or Lennon died. I for one always remember where I was the day I had heard Marvin Gaye was killed or Curt Cobain had died.

    So no you are not being an ass, but memories are secured by moments.

    Me. I will always remember 8/16/2008 as my Dave Arneson day. That was the day I met him and got a chance to thank him for all he had done.

  5. I have no problem with all four dates being considered high holy days for gamers. Maybe some more somber than others...

  6. In my brief conversation at a VIG event at GENCON with Gary G. I asked him how he wanted to be thought of.

    "I want them all to realize how much it all is because of me, and to just play."

    I asked for clarification.

    "All those games - computer everything. I'm proud of it. Give me some of that [money] *Laugh*"

    Yes, this is true story. My wife does not understand the framed picture of myself and Gary.

    So, let them play - Or, design. I'll work on Monday's adventure during work today, and still bill my clients obscenely per hour. Gary would've appreciated that.

  7. Not a rat bastard at all - a very reasonable point. I think the date of death resonates with me because I feel we lost them much too soon. It is also a reminder that nothing is forever and I'd better take every chance I can to enjoy life (and gaming) now. As an older guy, these two were the gaming icons of my youth, not just the founding lights, and their passing also adds to the sense of the immediacy of life.