Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Green Devil Face

'allo 'allo...

What a busy few days. Two games since Friday. NAPALM DEATH concert Monday night. And yesterday and today I'm sick as a dog.

But I've been procrastinating in making my plans known.

Green Devil Face.

It's the classic trap. It sits there in the open, tempting and daring characters to just mess with it. And I want to develop the concept more.

So I'm announcing a print traditional gaming zine under the Green Devil Face name. It will have a more narrow focus than Fight On! or Knockspell, in that it will be specifically about individual dungeon rooms that feature obvious traps/hazards/puzzles that require players to experiment and reason through them instead of making a traps roll to detect/disarm them.

But I am not going to do it all myself. No... I want this, like the aforementioned zines, to be a community project, with the goal of providing referees with rooms and ideas that they can plop down in their own dungeons (or use all together, as each issue's rooms will be strewn together as a makeshift traps-and-puzzle dungeon).

The submission must be your own original work. It must be compatible with one of the games this blog talks about and be OGL-ready (Labyrinth Lord/Swords & Wizardry/OSRIC/Spellcraft & Swordplay/BFRPG compatible, basically). You retain the full rights to your work, but of course submitting it gives me permission to publish it for the purposes of this project only (including reprints, compilations, etc) and no other.

This will be sold in print (printed locally) and pdf, at cost + 25 cents euro.

For those submitting a room before the end of February, I am running a contest where I am giving away two sets of Creature Generator/Creature Generator/FFV, one for the best lethal trap and one for the best non-lethal trap.

So submit a room! Spread the news around! Let's make sure this experiment doesn't fall on its face. :D


  1. This is truly useful and awesome; for one, I will be racking my brains for something to put into the magazine.

  2. Rip needs to do this. Some of the puzzle traps he's come up with for this last adventure have been a bitch to get through. He had one trap that kept us running in circles for over an hour. Let's just say it was a tad frustrating.

  3. I pretty much suck at creating traps and puzzles. Ad libbing them at the table seems to turn out much better for me than sitting down and writing them up ahead of time. So I'm going to take Green Devil Face as an opportunity to try to improve on this front. Count me in.

  4. Tight. This is the kind of pdf I would definitely pick up. Theory can suck it. Good modular and usable content is where it's at.

  5. I'm in. If you've been paying attention at the Trollbridge or Trollhalla, I'm Uncle Cranky.