Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grading the Blogs On Name Alone

I'm bored, have about a half hour of time before I need to leave, and don't want to do anything of substance. So here is RANDOM RANDOMNESS of ABSOLUTELY NO IMPORTANCE that will PROBABLY hurt FEELINGS.

Just because it's been awhile.

What I'm going to do is go through the 44 blogs on the blogroll to the right (44? Holy carp!) and rank them, from worst to best... BASED ON THEIR NAME ALONE. Content is unimportant. Style is unimportant. Here, only the name matters! And I'll also tell you the first thing I think of when I see the name.

  • Prime Requisite Games™ Ads! Ads are happening here!
  • Codeman's Nostalgia Gaming Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start
  • RetroRoleplaying: The Blog Someone needs to tell these guys that people still play these games.
  • Delta's D&D Hotspot Sounds like some "content provider's" way of giving their D&D section a hip and cool name... and some ointment will make that go away.
  • American Barberica Conan in Vinland!
  • Uhluht'c Awakens .kaerb a em eviG
  • Semper Initiativus Unum Oh yay. Latin. Is this about a marine's paycheck?
  • TARGA Foot powder!
  • Bat in the Attic Someone's Meatloaf albums got put into storage...
  • sword +1 Dude has that many magic items to name his blog after, and he chooses that?
  • Sham's Grog'n Blog He better clean that up.
  • Kellri I can roll on the tables in the books and come up with results too!
  • Brave Halfling Publishing Hobbit fetishes are bad news.
  • Strategy SCHMATEGY I click on it and there's nothing about no strategy!
  • Silver Blade Adventures Teen fantasy novel series!
  • A Hamsterish Hoard of Dungeons and Dragons Hamsters surely have shitty treasure types.
  • Chgowiz's Old Guy RPG Blog "My fingers slipped when I was filling in the name and I don't know how to change it"/"I am a dread Hyperborean sorcerer with a twist... no apostrophes!"/How to role-play on a Social Security budget
  • Advanced Gaming & Theory blah blah blah blah blah blah
  • Adventures in Gaming "I discovered RPGs yesterday and I want to tell you all about it!"
  • Apprentice of Old School What everyone else implies, this dude says!
  • RPG Blog II Sequels are never any good...
  • Back in '81 ... we gamed in the snow. Uphill. Both ways!
  • Geoffrey McKinney's CARCOSA Dude's going to need a different blog for everything he ever publishes... I bet he talks about himself in the third person at home... "Honey! I'm hungry! Is Geoffrey McKinney's dinner ready soon?"
  • Jeff's Gameblog "Yesterday I found this cool new game. It's called checkers! And today I discovered Connect Four... and it uses these checkers thingies too! Gosh!"
  • The Call of the Dungeon Look elsewhere for wilderness encounter tables!
  • Overheard at the Barking Dog Woof! Woof! Woof!
  • World of Thool "Let me tell you about my campaign..."
  • The Dwarf and the Basilisk ... and other fairytales like "How the Succubus got her tits."
  • Some King's Kent He shouldn't use that word to describe a queen...
  • The Grumblin' Grognard How many old farts bitching about everything do we need? (lots!)
  • Greyhawk Grognard This must be Allan Grohe's site!
  • Old Guard Gaming Accoutrements "Remember when we had dice made of glass and DM screens made out of tissue paper? Those were the days!"
  • The Tao of D&D "Ease your mind as D&D philosophy reveals the truth of the world..."
  • The Silver Key Just one of them?
  • Grognardia One ZIP code over from Strongbadia...
  • Trollsmyth This guy is making trolls?
  • Vancian Magic Oh cool! New spells!
  • The Eiglophian Press I am so behind on my wrestling... what kind of move is that and who does it?
  • Places to Go, People to Be Best general RPG blog name ever... but my interests are more... precise!
  • Save vs. Poison Or Die!
  • Like Being Read to From Dictionaries Dude must be sooooo boring...
  • The Society of Torch, Pole, and Rope These clever guys are going to seriously piss off their 4e DM as they duck by every single one of his traps and encounters and grab the loot without incident, causing the DM to complain, "If you did't want to play, why did you show up?"
  • Confessions of an Amateur RPG Publisher "... and I took the boothbabe to the restroom, ripped off her chainmail bikini, and thrust my mighty..."
  • LotFP: Heavy Metal Obviously concerning heavy metal, and the "LotFP" letters just ring together so magically it's just about perfect!


  1. "Sequels are never any good"

    You cut me to the quick, sir!

    Hopefully, it's more "The Dark Knight" than "Batman Forever"... :)

  2. I thought LotFP sounded familiar from Petal Throne, so I initially assumed it was a Tekumel blog.

  3. LotFP: I'd be pissed too if I were a Drag Queen.

  4. It was either that or Some Queen's Cook.

  5. I laughed my ass off. I only wish you'd been here and we'd had a few before you started naming them. :)

    And in like kind...

    LotFP: My other hobby when I realize how bad Metallica sucks now and I'm tired of listening to f***'in Slayer!

  6. Geoffrey McKinney thinks that only three D&D blogs have cool names:

    Geoffrey McKinney's 3rd place goes to The Society of Torch, Rope and Pole. If that ain't old-school D&D, I don't know what is.

    Geoffrey McKinney's 2nd place goes to Uhluht'c Awakens. James, I can't believe you don't like that name! Not only is it awesome, it's right out of the Heavy Metal cartoon movie.

    Geoffrey McKinney's 1st place goes to Lamentations of the Flame Princess. You gotta admit that has a great vibe to it.

    Geoffrey McKinney out. ;)

  7. My blog name came was inspired by memories of a Cyclopedic D&D campaign I ran about four or five years ago. I made it my goal to say "Save vs. poison or die!" at least once per session.

  8. As for Initiativus Unum, well, it was the dog Latin translation of a motto for my OD&D games, where the players have rolled entirely too many 1s for initiative. I liked it, and what else was I gonna name the thing?

  9. I don't care if this is "RANDOM RANDOMNESS of ABSOLUTELY NO IMPORTANCE", in the old school tradition it doesn't matter how I got the treasure, only that I did.

  10. No, no, no. Not blah blah blah, it's wah wah wah, though the nose. Try it again, and this time with feeling. Wah Wah Wah.

  11. I figure if this whole old school movement peters out I can open a high class S&M strip joins and keep the name.

  12. Glass dice would be cool! But they'd have to be fist size, that heavy green glass they used to use as powerline insulators. My dm screen is quarter sawn oak planks with all information etched on brass plates riveted to them.

  13. Some lurker please start a new gaming blog called RANDOM RANDOMNESS of ABSOLUTELY NO IMPORTANCE that will PROBABLY hurt FEELINGS.

  14. @E.G...steampunk GM screen. I so want to believe you're not kidding.

  15. Thank God, I dodged the bullet on that one.

    Then again, I guess you have to be on the radar to get hit by a missle.

    Here are some alternate names I considered for my geek blog:

    "Sword +2, +3 vs. Orcs"
    "Female Dwarves have no Beards"
    "Vecna's Dick Blood"
    "When will they realize Tekumel sucked?"
    "I'm not a dork, but you are"
    "Read my game Blog because I actually get Laid" (by chicks half my age, take that fellow retro dudes)
    "A D30 hit my Nuts"
    "I thought that dude from Flaming Princess was a Chick" (one of those fat, angry D&D chicks)
    "A Stirge ate my Baby"
    "What the Muther Fuck is a Grognard?"
    "I'm not gay, but my blog page is. Oh, and I live in Europe"

    - I could do this all day. Funnier even.

  16. "6 players Max"
    "The Geek is Strong Here"
    "The Blind Beholder"
    "Dungeon Crawling gets old Fast"
    "Grown men waxing intellectual about Retarded Things"
    "My XBOX Broke"


  17. The Grumblin' Grognard How many old farts bitching about everything do we need? (lots!)

    That's right, bitchin' never goes out of style!

    This was too funny. I was originally thinking about the name "Bandits and Barmaids" but I was not sure my wife would find the amusement in that name that I do.

    Well done sir!

  18. # Greyhawk Grognard This must be Allan Grohe's site!

    Poor Joe Block :(