Sunday, February 1, 2009

D&D and Sexuality II

I'll have more extensive "I Play"s later on, but right now I just want to offer a situation from the just-completed session here...

The female elven magic user (played by a human male) cast Beast of Chaos (from Matthew Finch's Eldritch Weirdness) from a scroll to become a formless tentacle monster and eat a big toadstool (I'm running Finch's Pod Caverns right now, it's the funghemoth which I ruled it within size requirements, and looking like a rather mutated form of the Shroom) in one gulp, which shot out confusion spores, leading the female elven tentacle monster to attempt to grab and swallow the gay human male thief (played by the human female), prompting the hetero male pervert halfling fighter (played by a human male, and patterned after Belkar) to say something along the lines of, "Aha! Now I know you swallow!" When the elf then decided to give the halfling what he's been wanting (while still in tentacle monster form), the halfling freaks and declares himself newly gay to escape the tentacled clutches of the...

ah hell, you get the point.

And the youngest of us tonight was very nearly 30 I do believe. We're sick. And so is Mr. Finch. :P


  1. Well, it sounds like fun. Sometimes in game situations I find that I and my immature fellow players will attempt to outdo one another with absurdity and inappropriateness... but we do so to 'wind one another up' or get cheap laughs. I don't know what I would think if I realized a player was getting REALLY physically excited about the concept of imagining having sex with a tentacled fungus while in a room full of people rolling dice and scribbling on paper.

  2. I demand illustrations of the near tentacle rape. Oh wait, I'll just skip over to 4chan. ;)

    PS: I look forward to reading your "I Play" update.