Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Play... Friday the 13th Edition!

Ay ay ay, that didn't go well.

First off, the blue (OK, OK, turquoise) bread I baked that wowed everyone so much in Vaasa a couple years back was not so impressive to the Helsinki crowd. Frickin jaded big city types. :P Then there was a bit of trouble since the game was at my place and two of the players got a tad lost on their way so we didn't get settled in until a bit later than planned. And then we started playing...

... and the party demonstrated an absolute lack of cooperation and cohesiveness. This is either the third straight session (or the third out of the last four, I forget) where there has been a PC fatality (nevermind hireling fatalities). In addition to my belief that the lack of overall cooperation has led to two of these deaths, the latest two to die (same ones...) were "senior" members of the party (they've been there every session from the beginning) and the ones that everyone else seemed to look to for guidance. When the last PC fell, a disorganized situation devolved into chaos.

In total, they explored less than a dozen rooms, netted about 90xp/gp each, and face an uncertain future as a party. I hope they get their acts together because I enjoy running for larger parties... it gives so more options for them as far as strategy (and they practice almost none of it beyond a few basics). But if smaller, separate groups end up being what's called for (remember I'm aiming for a West Marches campaign), I can do that too. But a party that doesn't work together will get chewed up by the opposition pretty bad...

The good thing is total Olden Domain playership went up to 9 total participants from 5 different nations.


  1. You have to do more than pull their legs off to make a bowl of frogs look like a bowl of bread.

  2. Man, I hate ethnic food. They'll eat any kind of crap in Europe.

  3. You still use too much flour when you bake. :) -> it makes the bread way too hard.

  4. Only the outside. I like a hard crust.