Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Brave Halfling Publishing: Thumbs Up! Plus a bit of LotFP Promotion! Plus...


Someone's finally getting off of Lulu... Brave Halfling will be printing their own materials, which will mean products getting to market faster after completion (my own experience putting a book up on Lulu was torture, ordering a proof copy, waiting for it to be assembled, waiting for it to come to me overseas, and then doing it all over again hoping my corrections worked...), being cheaper to buy, and delivered faster after ordering. More publishers (well, every publisher) needs to do this. Lulu has made some interesting business decisions lately, and an entire scene basing its entire real-world output on a company that really isn't about them seems foolish to me. Not to mention that I won't buy hardcopy books from Lulu, so publishing through them is a no-no for me as well.

Their first adventure in this new format, Ruins of Ramat (for OD&D), is available. Here is a good promo for it, complete with pictures of the finished booklet.

Now all Brave Halfling needs is a more impressive logo and a bit more grit in the presentation and they'd be all set.

If they could get their printed stuff sold through Noble Knight (run by an old-time gaming freak, and quite the seller of out-of-print D&D materials to boot), that would be great. If Brave Halfling's own mail-order operation gets going well enough that they could sell other people's items (and maybe be the store for the Renaissance going on here...), maybe even better.

I love seeing things in action!


Over on the Swords and Wizardry forums, they're having a "Megadungeon Slam" event, attempting to pump out a 20 level megadungeon for OD&D/S&W in 48 hours. I haven't checked in on how it's being done, but for crying out loud, will someone publish something with detailed room descriptions? I can sketch out a map with a couple sentences about each room well enough myself, thank you very much... :P

And in other "news"...

... and two more bloggers have noted that they've received copies of the Random Esoteric Creature Generator! Read about that here and here... I'm still selling signed copies (with extras!) here.

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  1. Yes, indeed. I was thinking the very same thing about Noble Knight Games. I know Troll Lord Games do their own printing and such, so this seems like a viable direction for Brave Halfling Publishing to be going in. Someone willing to physically publish and distribute products via Noble Knight Games would be a significant advancement for this mainly online movement.