Sunday, February 1, 2009

Update on Sale and Contest

Only 3 sets are left in the Creature Generator bundle sale. Act now!

I've also received three rather extensive entries for the contest (same link). I'll be pushing this harder once the actual commercial part is out of the way... I have plans, and they involve you.

I did play on Friday, but I was so bushed after getting home (around 2am) that I didn't post then, and yesterday was a madhouse (including seeing Malicious Death, Axegressor, and Regression in concert) and I had no time, and I have a game in about 90 minutes from now, so I'll get around to the 'I Play's and various other commentary I've got saved up tonight or tomorrow.

And I love how people talk about the "old school movement" having a total "market" of about 40 people. Whether that is accurate or not (and it's not) isn't even the point. The point is to get people playing. I have 12 regulars right now between the two campaigns that I started. I notice that a lot of the bloggers are moving away from general bitching and theory to talking about actual play. With real people in real life.

We shall arise!

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  1. You mean RPGPundit's rant? I was laughing my ass off at that. It had the feel of a little kid who built a fort out of sticks watching all the other kids go play at a fort built of rocks and dirt. He's crying "Hey, that fort sucks, come play MY fort!" The discussion itself is useful, but the initial rant wasn't much of one.

    Who cares what we use, so long as we use it?