Saturday, February 12, 2011

Three Castles Award Finalists

Announced here.

B/X Companion, Jonathan Becker
LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing, James Raggi
Stonehell Dungeon, Michael Curtis
The Dungeon Alphabet, Michael Curtis
The Majestic Wilderlands, Robert Conley

The winner will be announced at the North Texas RPG Convention which takes place June 2 - 5 in Irving, Texas.


  1. I'd hate to have to be a judge on that decision.

  2. Their page leaves much to be desired. Okay...What is/are the category(ies) these games, modules(?) are nominated in? Who nominated them?

  3. Hurm. The only one of those I don't own is Stonehell. I suppose I must...

  4. Soren (and whomever is interested);
    The award is for game design and covers any rules, adventures, supplements or sourcebooks released during the judging period (October 2009 to October 2010). There is just one category and one award, perhaps in the future we will be able to divide the items into categories, for now there will be just one winner. Any designer was free to submit up to two of their items for the Steering Committee, of which five total were chosen to move to the Judges Round (so the items were self-nominated). I have to say that we were lucky these items were all submitted this year as I really think they are the five best items published in this field for the year.

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  6. Does anyone still care what Rob Kuntz thinks about RPGs? He abrogated any authority when he combined his near-complete lack of follow-through on promised work with his attacks on everyone else who actually did publish. Let him do his fiction or whatever else he erroneously thinks people will care about, and shut up about gaming. He's made himself irrelevant.

  7. I still care, and so do many other people. Rob Kuntz has paid his dues in this industry. We don't have to agree with everything he does or says for his opinion to be worthy of attention. The Three Castles Award is a good idea, and the finalists are excellent choices. I look forward to the announcement of the winner.

  8. If there had been a few categories, I would have submitted Dragons at Dawn. Imagine if there was only one award for best motion picture of the year, there be no chance for a low budget documentary to be recognized against a high budget film, regardless of quality and utility of content. I was also a little doubtful that several members of the panel of judges might be lukewarm toward a game focused on Dave Arnesons approach. I figured LOTF, Dungeon Alphabet and maybe B/X companion would win that popularity contest.

  9. Well, I bought the Dungeon Alphabet a couple of months back; and Stonehell Dungeon and LotFP are in the mail on their way to me.

    I took a look online at B/X Companion - which I hadn't previously heard of - and now it's ordered too. Now I'll go check out the Majestic Wilderlands.

    Okay, now I've ordered the Wilderlands too. No wonder I'm in debt.