Friday, February 18, 2011

New LotFP Webstore Up... Need Testers!

The new LotFP webstore is finally operational!

See it here.

However, it's only had a few people test it out so far, and I've known all of them, so I need a few more people to test it to make sure everything's hunky-dory.

So the first five people to be guinea pigs and buy from the store get a 20% discount if they use the coupon code BY-TOR.

After everything's sorted, I'll replace all the links for the old store with this one and get all the Gardening Society coupon codes out and be ready to load in the upcoming pre-order goodies.

New features of the store:

Print+PDF bundling, direct PDF sales, coupon codes, shipping weight tracking so you pay for the shipping on exactly what you order and where you live, and on the back end it keeps track of more accounting stuff like VATand other things that caused extra work for me with just the Paypal buttons.

So if you're missing any of the LotFP modules or haven't caught up on all the PDFs, now's a dandy time to take a look at them.

And let me know what's wrong with the darn thing!


  1. Would it be possible to include other currency options? I get twitchy with your newfangled "euros" and need the security of my staid old dollar.

  2. Tried it, bought stuff, paid and it seems to work fine... No problems that I could see, and I like the way it shows the image going into the checkout spot. :)

    And I think more currency options would be a nice idea. I live in London, so £ would be good too :)

  3. I tried my hardest to break it, but everything worked just fine. Some minor quibbles:

    You've got a typo in Terms & Conditions: "...and in these cases ordered placed while we are away...".

    Firefox thought my zip code was my username when i signed up.

    It wasn't immediately obvious that i needed to log back in to get my downloads. Of course, if i had read those Terms & Conditions in the first place...

    And, because i don't want to sound like a persnickety jerk, here's some good things too:

    Best "About Us" i've ever read.

    I finally have all them Green Devil Faces.

    Snow Dog.


  4. About the currency thing...

    Paypal plays with the actual currency rate a bit (I do believe that's like a hidden fee of theirs), but when the exchange rate changes, Paypal changes with it.

    The shopping cart software would update exchange rates once a day, and who the hell knows where that update would come from. But with the way rates fluctuate sometimes it could end up with either me or the customer being fleeced for a lot of money unnecessarily on larger orders (which will be more common - hopefully - in a few months when the box is back in stock and I've got a growing fleet of hardcover releases out). I'm also charged a different fee by Paypal out of the received money for cross-currency payments on top of everything else.

    Keeping the € standard in the store keeps things more accurate and stable for us all.

  5. Created an account and did some poking around. Couldn't find any problems. Then again, I didn't actually buy anything (have'em all).

    Where are People of Pembrooktonshire and No Dignity in Death? Sold out?