Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LotFP Shirt

A not-so-crazy idea I am pursuing.



The back design may be tweaked but that's the idea. White print on a black shirt. This should be manageable, whereas my idea for full-color shirts last year was way too expensive to pursue.

How it happens is still up in the air, but here is what I'm working to do right now:

When the Grindhouse Edition and Vornheim go to the printer and I announce pre-orders, the shirt will also go up for pre-order. Only those ordered, plus mine and Amos' and Laura's (artists get comps of course), will be made.

More news as I make it. :P


  1. I'd suggest putting the LOTFP WFRP on the sleeve or a smaller image between the shoulder blades.

    My 2 cp.

  2. Sleeve prints are more expensive, and my assumption is that anything up around the shoulder blades is never going to be seen.

  3. Having personal experience having inked work inverted and printed as white, make sure to check with the artist, because the shadows, in the helmet in particular, might look like crap that way. In my case the designer did it without consulting me, and I couldn't even use the finished product in my portfolio it looked so amateurish. It might look better if those shadows get knocked out and just become a lined shape.

  4. Ugg, no blogger edit function, unless you were intending for all the white to be printed as white. In which case other problems arise, like the huge white fields cracking up in the wash, etc. I know much less about that side of things. Maybe it would work fine.

  5. Great choice of bw art for the front of the t-shirt. Making t-shirts cost effective can be really difficult, I guess - good single colour art is sure to be a winner. :)