Friday, February 11, 2011

The Grindhouse Fighter Pic is BAD ASS

With all the art I'm posting, let's not forget the guy doing the lion's share of the interior work, Amos Orion Sterns. Here is his portrait for the Fighter class, and I think you'll agree that should someone make a Hall of Fame for RPG art, this needs to be considered:

I know I'm posting a lot of art... but there's a lot I'm not posting. The two interior Sheppard pieces, Locke's zombie attack, the two interior Rainville pieces, the Casperson stuff, the four Nicholson full-pagers (he did the art contest pieces)... plenty of visual surprises for people who buy the thing. :D


  1. He does look rather viscous. Cool. I have a question about where this and the other recent art is going. What is Grindhouse? I've done some searches, but haven't found much of an answer. I know what LotFP is, but what exactly is Grindhouse? Thanks.

    - Ark

  2. That is fucking hot! HOT! I've been bitching about the lack of good-quality black & white line art since the Rise Of The Computer, and now this guy comes along and proves that I am full of shit.

    Good work!

  3. Sorry for not doing the research myself, Jim, but is the Grindhouse edition going to be A4 or A5 or what else?

  4. A5. I greatly prefer how the smaller books handle at the table. And for casual reading, come to think of it.

  5. Brings to mind Warhammer when it was still cool.

  6. And it's a female fighter too. ;-)

  7. How'd I miss this post?
    Sweet!(On the pic, and on the selected format!)

    Exactly what I was thinking!