Friday, February 11, 2011

The Truth Comes Out!

So I'm talking to my wife about my ideas for a layout with interesting things happening outside of the actual text.

She says, "It would only be worth it if the people notice it, but you're selling to the nerds of nerds so you'll be OK."

She hastens to add: "But I mean it in a positive manner. It was not my intention to be insulting."

So now you know what I have to deal with here at Chateau d'LotFP.


  1. Lamentations is really to intense for the casual "hobby gamer" - it takes a true nerd of nerds to appreciate.

  2. Well to be fair, she does make a valid point :)

  3. Maybe it's her way of sexualizing you.

  4. I have to say, a large percentage of my RPG playing acquaintances are hardcore graphic design e nerds, so they would totally notice, for good or ill. Now if you were writing for wargamers, she might have a point...

  5. look at the movie releases of 2011

    this is the year of thr 'nerd'

    wear that badge wih HONOR

  6. Spawn of Endra said...

    Maybe it's her way of sexualizing you.

    nice one! :)

  7. IIRC this is the woman who typified vintage D&D as "a game about finding money" (fair play to her; boil it down to essentials and she was right). This latest cap she has fashioned for us also appears to fit. Oh well... ;)

    Crazy Damn Finns and their crazy damn direct, unabashed way of looking at life!