Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grindhouse Edition Giveaway Contest... I Need a First Level Spell!

The Contest:

I need an original first level Magic-User spell to put in the spell list of the Grindhouse Edition. I want it to come from you!

  • The spell you submit is your own original work that has not previously appeared in print or on the web.
  • You will not forget to include the Duration and Range along with the name and description.
  • By submitting, you give permission for me to use it in LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing and add it to the Open Game Content.
  • Need to be 18+ years old to enter.
Submit your entry to

The winning spell will be used in the box set, and its creator will get a complimentary copy of the Grindhouse box. All entries (that I don't think are utter crap, anyway) will be organized into a PDF to be freely distributed, with all spells being Open Game Content.

If you do not include a real name to be credited I assume you are OK with not being individually credited - I'd really rather not list internet handles.

Submit your entry before Sunday Feb 20 11:59pm Finnish time.


  1. My psychic powers tell me a couple of the early entrants are CSI fans.

  2. I have two entries. That cool?
    (They are good.)

  3. Why does it have to be not previously published if it's going to be Open Game Content?

  4. Because if I'm going to put a box in the mail and ship it around the world the least the recipient could do is put a little effort into it instead of "copy/paste/send."

  5. Well, it's your competition. But surely the point is to get the best material, and this cuts out a lot of OSR bloggers, who are likely to have that best material?

  6. 1- I don't believe that blog-having status is indicative of quality, especially for something as short-form as a spell.

    2- I would hope the idea is perhaps a bit custom-made for the Weird Fantasy atmosphere which is a bit different than normal D&D assumptions.

    3- I think a good blogger could come up with a good, new idea in a weeks' time if they cared to do so without much trouble.

  7. Just a couple of questions

    1. Is there a limit on the number of submissions that you will accept from an idividual?

    2. Are there any kind of requirements or preferences with regards to a spell description's length?

  8. 1. No

    2. I can't really say more than "full sentences and halfway proper English please." Any preferences beyond that may end up being a total lie if something not to those preferences stands out.

  9. I like a challenge. I've already sent one off :)

    Have you considered any new spells are higher levels, maybe just to include in the PDF rather than as a giveaway?

  10. 25 separate submissions (some containing multiple spells). Nice so far!

    Just to let everyone know, I really won't be reading most of them closely until after the deadline passes (especially if I'm knee-deep in this layout crap when a particular submission arrives :P).

    Still, a couple of the opening lines are priceless. :D