Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Contest! Weird Magic Items!

Since the last contest was so awesome, and the printing of the Grindhouse Edition won't start March 1 (customers and I both save money on shipping - which is not an inconsiderable expense outside of Europe - if this and Vornheim go together), and I haven't hit my "giveaway quota," I think we can do another contest.

This time: MAGIC ITEMS!

Last time I ran into the triangular issue of Utility vs Creativity/Atmosphere vs Power in deciding the winner. This time, Creativity/Atmosphere will be more heavily weighted.

The Contest:

I need an original magic item to put in the Referee book as an example in the Grindhouse Edition. I want it to come from you!

  • The magic item you submit is your own original work that has not previously appeared in print or on the web.
  • By submitting, you give permission for me to use it in LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing and release it in an Open Game Content document.
  • Need to be 18+ years old to enter.
Submit your entry to

The winning item will be used in the box set, and its creator will get a complimentary copy of the Grindhouse box. All entries (that I don't think are utter crap, anyway) will be organized into a PDF to be freely distributed, with all items being Open Game Content.

If you do not include a real name to be credited I assume you are OK with not being individually credited - I'd really rather not list internet handles.

Submit your entry before Wednesday March 2 11:59pm Finnish time.

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