Friday, September 3, 2010

Where Have You Seen LotFP: Weird Fantasty Role-Playing?

I'm down to less than 100 copies. I've sold 80 copies this past week.

60 of those are re-orders. I was scared as hell when putting the box together, thinking it might be too expensive and nobody would buy it. Then pre-orders went through the roof and people have been overjoyed when receiving it, and that continues to be the case. Damn well worth the price it is the message I'm getting from people who have laid their money down.

I had a good amount of initial orders from distros and I was scared as hell that all the people who were interested already bought the thing and that the copies at Noble Knight, etc, were going to rot on their shelves. Well Warpath Games, Noble Knight (and they just sold out of Death Frost Doom again last night!), Troll and Toad, and Sphärenmeisters Spiele have all re-ordered after selling out (or damn near so) their original orders. IPR just got their shipment processed and on their site over the weekend, and it's selling briskly.

(No Dignity in Death is now officially Out of Print, by the way... get it from a vendor while you still can!)

It seems to be going slower in Finland, but what can ya do, right? That just means more work to be done.

But I seem to be in a position where I'm going to have to stop selling the game soon just so I have enough copies to bring to upcoming conventions. I also have to figure out what to do about the Second Printing very soon as well. It's got to be just as cool in order to continue to sell but different enough that the people who are buying this first printing get something special that isn't going to ever be duplicated in that form.

Oh, the problems I face, right?

Thank you all.

I was just made aware that the game has made it to Australia and Milsims is stocking it. They were already on my vendor sidebar over to the left because they'd stocked a few of my previous adventures (by way of IPR's retail program) but I had no idea they got the game in. Google Alerts doesn't have an inescapable surveillance net!

So I ask you, what stores, online or off, have you seen carrying LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing (or any LotFP books) that are not on that list? I want to support the stores in any way I can by publicizing the fact that they're taking the chance on the small press and I want to make it easy for people to find my things and I want the little inner warm fuzzies from being able to show that I have an impressive distribution network.

OK, enough stalling. Back to work!


  1. Leisure Games (UK) is out of The Grinding Gear (they told me after I ordered it) and hasn't had Death Frost Doom in for quite some time. But they did have No Dignity In Death and Green Devil Face issues one through three.

  2. They know where to find me if they want to re-stock. :)

  3. Well, I hope they get their act together and re-stock soon ;-)

  4. Don't worry, I've been having a simultaneous email exchange with David King of Leisure Games on this very subject.

  5. I had picked up Hammer of the Gods/Tower of the Stargazer at RPG now when they came out; delighted to see the full PDF of WFRP at IRP last weekend.

    If WFRP is reprinted, would love to see a single volume or hardback of the rules/magic. Nice job with it!

  6. Congrats on the good sales, you certainly earned them :)

  7. At the Milsims site you can only backorder it. Sold out already? Looks like the second printing should happen sooner rather than later :)

    Congrats, James!

  8. Funny I must have snagged the last copy of Death Frost Doom from Noble Knight then. I have to say that you did well in picking them as a distributor. I placed a order for WFRPG and DFD here in Texas and got my package in two friggin' days.

  9. Awesome job, James. Congratulations!

  10. @MercerMachine I snapped up a (maybe the only?) copy last week. They seemed to think it was a war-game, so I hopefully enlightened them a little. I note they got some new stock in this week including Death Frost Doom.