Thursday, September 30, 2010


The new printing of the game will not be out until the new year.

My upcoming convention schedule is listed to the left. If you're in Germany or the UK, this is your only chance to pick up the game without shipping markups, and of course I'll have all the modules with me too. Good discount for bundle buys and we don't take cards, so stop by and bring cash.

Death Ferox Doom will be coming out hopefully the same time as the second printing of the game, but resources are going towards the core product (sales for the back catalog jumped dramatically when the game was released and dropped off a cliff when it was no longer available...) so if there's any conflict the module will get pushed back. However, this is not an Insect Shrine situation, but merely a "resources and manpower limitations of a small business" situation. Take this as an indication that you get to live for awhile longer.

Hopefully any day now I'll have some huge news to report. The deal is signed.

In the middle of all my other business wheeling and dealing, I have three people who have shown interest in writing adventures for me. I do believe all three will be new names to you (unless you speak Finnish...), but no real announcements until something is in hand.

Sometime next week I'll be releasing an "odds and ends" PDF-only product through the regular e-vendors. It'll be just a few bucks and will include stand-alone bits from various projects that were started and then petered out. It'll include the Knight of Science character class, the Wand of the Weird (random effect item), alternate random magic item tables for use in regular OSR-type campaigns (using the standard magic item lists), and the Duvan'Ku magic items and spells that appeared awhile back in Fight On! This is basically a bit of fundraising for future projects more than it is a "real" product by itself, if you catch my meaning. But the content will be useful and/or interesting on its own.


  1. Maybe this is the wrong place to ask, but just what is the Insect Shrine situation? I've been scouring your archives and I can't find any posts about it after the playtests ended nearly a year ago.

  2. It's an adventure that's been "mostly finished," including all art and maps, for *years*, and for some reason it's never the most interesting thing on my plate at any particular time so it never gets done and now I've got a complex that it has to be perfect or else people will shit all over it when it's finally out. :P

  3. Well, that sucks and you should hurry up and finish it because as I said, I've been scouring your archives reading everything I can about it and everything I find makes me want to run it or play it or read it and cannibalize it to use with my own ideas.

  4. Well news that you will be at DragonMeet is excellent.