Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh Dear God

The first part of the rather long interview that Trollsmyth and Oddysey conducted with me is now available for listening. Here.

It's nice for Google Alerts to give a "Raggi" result that isn't the porn star, the soccer player, or the judge...


  1. I always assumed you spoke only in Cookie Monster growls.

  2. So as well as designing roleplaying stuff, you also play soccer, grind in pornos and provide judicial decisions? That's some multi-talented skillz right there! Also an excellent basis for a TV crime drama character...

  3. You're a porn star, too?

    Is there ANYthing James Raggi can't do?!
    ; )

  4. If there was, would you really want to know?

  5. I say Balls to a PodCast! I am OLD SCHOOL and I don't need some hyper-real, naturalistic verisimilitude of Raggi's voice foisted on me by some self-appointed oligarchs of 21st century media!

    I've got my own death-before-dishonor DIY version of Raggi's voice that I've built in my own head reading his blog every day for like 9 months! I sandboxed that MF's voice and house-ruled it already!

    I know how it sounds when he's ranting about people that wish to define good and bad thoughts!

    I know how it sounds when blogs suicide over non-porn, and after a terrible weekend, Raggi comes off as the most sober person in the room!

    I know how it sounds when he's zealously screaming that YOU are in the OSR!

    I know how he sounds when he politely (but still death-metallishly) responds to emails about buying his products!

    I won't have you people ramming YOUR version of Raggi's voice in my ears!

    I'm OLD SCHOOL. I'm DIY til I die. Back in the day, when we read texts, we made up the voices ourselves in our heads, on the fly. You didn't have to buy a "voice supplement" or any of that crap. Nobody railroaded us, and a lot of people died trying to read. That's how the reading was, people dropped like flies reading stuff. But we always figured that on only maybe 1 out of 5 attempts would you ever reach the second chapter. That's how Old School reading was. Even Little Women was a bloodbath. But you were expected to supply your own IMAGINATION, and we did!

    So if you think I'm giving all that up for a little taste of the "real" Raggi's voice, so I can stop having to IMAGINE it, and somehow have a better "Raggi experience", you can just go back to WoTC and Hasbro and let them know there's at least one hard-core fool that isn't buying it!

    Death before DIY-Dishonor!

  6. As LotFP's first ever spokesman, I have always encouraged my readers to imagine their own interpretation of my voice. In fact, it really surprised me that people would want an official voice presented to them. Why is any real voice that I have any better than the voice you think of in your own head?

    Damn readers. All their fault.

    However, since I have lowered myself to provide an official and actual voice for your listening pleasure, I will point out to the so-called blog commentators that my real and official voice should always carry great and untouchable respect and is clearly superior to all of the amateur fly-by-night individual interpretations I have always encouraged people to form.

  7. You've changed, man, you used to be cool... it used to be about the music, I mean the OSR...