Monday, September 20, 2010

LotFP Products Now Available in Sweden from AlphaSpel! (plus other news)

AlphaSpel, which does mail order and has a physical shop, now carries LotFP stuff! This is the lowest price I've seen anywhere on Earth for the box set...

The Moldy Vale reviewed the Weird Fantasy Role-Playing box, Reviews from R'lyeh took on Weird New World while I was gone as well.

Stockholms Spelkonvent was quite slow. The staff was very helpful, but it was not a hard sales convention to say the least. The location was far away from anything, it rained most of the weekend...

Had extensive conversations with Tomas Arfert (has done art for Candlemass, Kult, BFRPG, etc), Andreas Davour (The Omnipotent Eye), and Rasmus Strand was at the table next to mine selling his Lost Roads of Lociam RPG (in English!).

Ran Death Frost Doom for a group. One of them had knowledge of traditional games and the others not so much. "Did anyone buy a ten foot pole?" "Why would we need that?" They learned quick. By the time they got down into the dungeon, even the new players were being careful and checking things out and scared to touch anything. In the Chapel, one of them died at the organ, the other decided that sniffing purple lotus fumes was a good idea and ended up taking a ton of damage (I ruled that her head exploded), and the other two grabbed the jeweled dagger and ruby necklace and decided to get out of Dodge. They were laughing their asses off at each death - the "new players don't enjoy failure or seeing their characters die" idea thrown around on the internet is complete horseshit in my experience - and after the first death (the oldschool veteran's character) the others immediately looted the body. As I said, they learned quick.

I think my sales pitch for the game was short-circuited by the unique nature of Swedish RPG history. "A traditional RPG" means something completely different in Sweden. The D&D that is part of the cultural RPG memory isn't Dungeons and Dragons, it's Drakar och Demoner, with a completely different set of rules and assumptions. I need to do some research before going to Germany next month...

Oh yeah, the convention did a video interview with me.

I'll be back to Sweden for GothCon in the spring.


  1. In Germany D&D was the first game for most who started gaming before 1984. Even though Tunnels & Trolls (Schwerter & Dämonen in the german translation) was the first commercial sold FRG in Germany.

    But from 1984 onwards, D&D was replyced by Das Schwarze Auge, a german FRG. Since then, DSA is the most popular FRG in Germany.

    There is also another german game, Midgard - Das Fantasy rollenspiel which is also around since ages.

    Check out the Wikipedia entries which are better in english than in german:

  2. Also, German gamers are spoiled because most products get translated.
    Might be an idea to think about a translation of LotfP.