Monday, September 6, 2010

Stockholms Spelkonvent (September 17 - 19)

I will be there, both selling my merchandise (bringing along 20 Weird Fantasy Role-Playing boxes and copies of all the modules) and running an original adventure.

Convention website.

Who else will be there? :D


  1. Damn it, I was in Stockholm a week ago. So damn sad for I'm going to miss it...

  2. :-(
    It's really close to me via Stena Line, but currently I'm flat broke :/

  3. Well, I've already got my box set, but I'd love to meet and play. I will, however, be in Gothenburg over the weekend (playing Tunnels & Trolls or Poison'd). Some other time.

  4. I was waffling but now it's decided. I'll be there.