Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Don't Suck

Grognardia reviews Hammers of the God here.

Reviews from R'lyeh reviewed Tower of the Stargazer here a few days back.


  1. *Whew!*

    For a second there, I was worried you might!
    ; )

  2. Hi, I do not have the modules so I can't really say. However the rainbow thingy on Tower of the Stargazer looks pretty horrible.

  3. The rainbow was either going to go in the logo or in the sky over the tower.

  4. Hullo.
    Sorry I'm no metalhead, I didn't get the reference.
    It would have been a very different image had the rainbow been part of Mullen's art.
    As of now it looks like you put some graphics from a Rainbow Brite Ad on a Clark Ashton Smith novel.
    My 2cp