Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rant Rant Rant

I'm actually pissy about having nothing to rant about. I need a good ranty rant. Who's been stupid lately? Nobody! And that depresses me. A peaceful environment is a complacent environment and that's the worse environment for creativity.

Bah. I'm sick after my travels to Sweden (con crud from so small a con? dammit), so my concentration sucks.

I'm fooling around with different book layouts right now. Photo shoot with Marjut later today. Waiting for Luna to get back to fighting form. Art coordination. Talking to people whose works I'm going to release. Working on the guts of Death Ferox Doom.

I'm not up to all this today (well, the waiting for Luna part, that's actually not too taxing). My head hurts. And I need to go buy a lantern. I don't think the local hardware store has the bullseye variety, damn them.

Random factoid: Not only do I always, always say "Grognardia Blarg" instead of "Grognardia Blog," I cannot get it through my skull that Bat in the Attic and RPG Blog II are run by different people. Even though I have dealings with both people running them.

Random annoyance: People that put 435346578364785 pictures of their child on Facebook. Remember when everyone was paranoid about putting kids' pictures on the internet because people thought that kidnappers just sat around waiting to find photos of kids on the internet so they could go kidnap them? I miss those days.

Big Idea of the Day: LotFP Breakfast Cereal. "Lament-Ohs" made up of little wheat Dead Signs in a variety of artificial colors mixed with rice poofballs dyed to look like eyes. The front of the box would be, in Wheaties athlete-endorsement style gone wrong, undead adventurers sporting the wounds that killed them, giving a thumbs up as they snarf down Lament-Ohs, which are part of a nutritious breakfast!

Aren't you glad you took the time to read today's blog post?


  1. Damn lantern looked old-style but is actually battery operated.

    This is probably a good thing... no lighting fires in the dark. There's also a downside... no lighting fires in the dark.

  2. Jim, there is ALWAYS something to rant about. Try harder ;)

  3. These two articles:

    And the comments and spin off threads on various other blogs and forums. I'm sure you'll find something to rant about. :)

  4. Ranting seeds:

    1) The "old school" is but a haven for the nostalgia-whelmed who cannot distinguish evolution in game mechanics from discussions of play style; it is also occupied by several who have a very precise idea of the paradigms and concepts of the most recent edition of D&D, owing to having never been exposed to the game or its documentation.

    2) The default setting of LotFP:WFRP should be an official WoTC campaign setting, it would work seamlessly with their game.

    3) Gary Gygax was a hack and a credit-thief whose drive to commercialize the role-playing hobby destroyed the game he popularized.

    That should keep you. :)

  5. Read my blog. I'm sure you will be offended in some way.

  6. Stuart said: ""

    Wherein Greg Bilsland (WOTC 4E producer) said: "Most people that play games just want to have fun. If you’re playing D&D, you’re probably not 'playing to win.'"

    Fail. Done. Link.

  7. @Delta: You might not like the word but I don't see anything in that statement that's incorrect. :)

    I've been surprised so few "old school" bloggers have had any reaction to the new D&D Essentials books changing their design philosophy and embracing more 'classic' elements from earlier editions of D&D. Asymmetry in class design and addressing the Dissociated Mechanics seems like changes many fans of older editions might find interesting.

  8. Yeah, my heard hurt a bit as well, and I have no energy to write. Sucks.

    Now I have taken the time, know some more factoids and still have no energy to write.

    Damn, I need that A&W root beer!

  9. Since like it seems that every OSR-ish blogger is falling over themselves in gushing praise for The Sword & their new album, perhaps that could be a worthwhile subject for a rant? ;)

    PS. Post pictures from your dungeon LARP dammit!!

  10. The annoying thing about Facebook is, Facebook.

    Anyone who plays Farmville, or brags about the mundane should be executed.